Several members where tricked into beliving they were helping at risk sex workers and women in other unfortunate circumstances. Sadly the founder of the organization Ian Armstrong was embezzling all the donations for personal gain and notoriety. Please do not give any money to HEMA or Ian Armstrong. Ian Armstrong is a scam artist. He also goes by the alias Dmitri Navroska or Ian Rogers. They are both utter frauds. Fortunately some money did go to the right place as they were directly given to the Sex Workers Outreach Project and St. James Infirmary. Both are reputable organizations. Ian Armstrong never filed for a 501c(3) status as a reputable charty would. As that would require a board of at least three people, it would demand bookeeping, and open meeting and records available to the public. Ian Armstrong stole the money for the filing and took off. If you are approached by him, please contact the FBI and report him for racketeering. You may go to and report this online. Stealing money by claiming to be collecting it for a good cause is just wrong. Those of us that worked so hard to launch this charity have also been defraded of our time, we sincerely apologize for what was done and we made every effort to transfer any available funds to deserving real charities that had a similar mission. If you would like your money back, contact Ian Armstrong directly at